A few years ago, the pandemic, triggered by Covid-19, severely affected young people’s opportunities at the transition from school to training to work. The strategic partnership “Simply Digi” has taken up this challenge.

Against the background of difficult access for young people from school to training and companies, innovative methods and procedures have been developed, piloted and implemented, which, using digital tools, make it possible to enable practice-oriented and realistic experiences with the professional world even under limited conditions.

To this end, we pursue in particular the following goals:

  • To provide young people to gain insights into professions and the world of work using digital tools.
  • Development, testing, and use of innovative approaches for virtual and distance encounters between young people, counsellors, companies, trainers, parents, teachers.
  • To create “bridges” between schools and companies that enable students and companies to articulate and present themselves digitally and authentically

To achieve these goals, we from Austria, Germany and Italy came together to jointly develop solutions that can also be implemented under different conditions in other European countries.

STVG – Steirische Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft - Austria


Education and Economics, that is the core topic of Styrian Association for Education and Economics. We are a charitable, Non-Profit Organization. Seminars for pupils, trainees, students and adults are as well a part of our offers as regional, national and European projects at the interfaces and points of contact between education and economy.


gss Schulpartner GmbH – Germany


Together with schools, we develop design concepts for contemporary education and at school as a place of life and learning, so that children and young people can discover, test and develop their abilities here. Our goal is to implement the opportunity for education and individual development for all students. We support schools as a reliable partner with a multi-professional team.


Neues Wohnen im Kiez GmbH - Germany


Neues Wohnen im Kiez GmbH is an independent provider of education, child, youth and family welfare in Berlin. For 30 years, we provide support, orientation and help for young people and families in a wide variety of situations. Our offers include help with education, vocational training, orientation and activation as well as open youth and family work.


Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Familie – Germany

The School Inspectorate Mitte is the regional field office of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family. It is the employment and professional supervision for 35 primary schools, 9 secondary schools, 6 Gymnasia and 4 support centres in the Mitte district with about 3000 teachers and 30,000 pupils. The tasks of the Regional School Inspectorate include school and quality development, personnel development, implementation of didactic and pedagogical guidelines, conflict and crisis management as well as “networking” for schools and extracurricular partners.


Eurocultura - Italy


Eurocultura is a research, training and career guidance organisation based in Vicenza, Italy since 1993.Our core competences are mainly related to labour market and training issues. Our projects and activities aim to improve people’s employability through education and valuable work experience abroad, promote entrepreneurial spirit, support the international mobility of students and workers, prevent and combat racism and prejudice, and promote the use of new technologies in learning activities.




ENGIM VENETO is a Non-Profit Organization funded by the Regional Government of Veneto, which is active in the field of vocational education and training as well as vocational orientation of young people and adults. A wide range of occupational fields is covered by school-based and job-related learning.